Manager SE-50 Multi-Effects Processor

Manager is really a maker of electronic musical instruments and  components based in Japan. The business is really a subdivision of Roland, certainly one of the biggest producers of musical instruments on the planet. Through the years, Boss has launched a number of well-known products, starting from guitar distortion pedals to drum devices and samplers. Among its most enduring merchandise, and that is however extensively utilised these days even with acquiring been initially unveiled around 20 years back, is definitely the SE-50 multi-effects processor.

The SE-50 was the primary half-rack multi-effects processor created by Manager and was primarily developed with guitarists in mind. The consequences unit is outfitted using an array of consequences typical of this kind of units, together with distortion, chorus and flanger. Unconventional, on the other hand, will be the inclusion of a 7-band electronic vocoder. In overall the unit offers 28 preset algorithms, nine of which happen to be reverb-only consequences.

Although the Manager SE-50 was initially conceived being a guitar multi-effects processor, lately it’s got acquired level of popularity among several harsh EBM bands. These musicians make use of the unit’s pitch shifter impact to course of action vocals each reside and on recordings. The SE-50’s pitch shifter (patch 112), delivers four frequency bands, every single of that may be detuned independently. This impact, and by extension the SE-50 alone, has arrive to determine the processed vocals of a variety of present day electro-industrial bands. Widely-used settings involve pitching the highest two frequency bands up just one to 2 semitones although on the exact same time detuning the lessen bands by an analogous volume. This really is then mixed with vocal models related to all those employed in some sorts of intense metallic, like large or low-pitched screams and growls.

Consumers should really observe the SE-50 suppliers presets employing an inside battery, comparable to all those found in watches as well as other consumer electronics, that has a lifespan of a lot less than five years. When this electricity supply fails, which happens to be to generally be predicted as a result of the SE-50’s age, all user-defined parameters will revert to manufacturing facility presets. Changing the battery will restore the SE-50’s capability to conserve person presets, while settings which had been not stored on an exterior backup technique might not be retrievable.

Inspite of the unit’s shortcomings, the reality that it can be widely obtainable at rates a lot less than $100 has ensured its common use amid various guitarists and electronic musicians. Bands that have utilized the SE-50 include 9 Inch Nails, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk,:wumpscut:, Details Culture, Suicide Commando, Die Krupps, Grendel and Tactical Sekt.